• Men Edge Jacket black front
  • Men Edge Jacket black back
  • Men Edge Jacket red front
  • Men Edge Jacket red back
  • Men Edge Jacket white front
  • Men Edge Jacket white back

Thinsulate InsulationDermizax Toray fabric

Men Edge Jacket

This technically engineered jacket has a stylish and impressive character. Due to the Dermizax™ water resistant but breathable fabrics used, it is super reliable in all weather conditions. If you want to be able to ski in any conditions, the EDGE jacket’s waterproof fabric will keep you dry and comfortable. The quality of the Thinsulate™ insulation keeps you warm while maintaining that light, low-profile feel. Waterproof chest and hand pockets keep your important items dry, and internal pockets hold loads of gear. This EDGE jacket is equipped with numerous details that give you comfortable extras you need during a full day of skiing.


The innovative VISOR comfort concept is an engineered combination of high-quality Dermizax™ Stretch fabric and the perfect amount of Thinsulate™ insulation to optimize functionality. This guarantees maximum warmth in all weather conditions and minimum weight. The integrated VIFT ®-system (VISOR Innovated Fit Technology) gives you the perfect moveable body fit. The contrast body parts make this jacket an impressive combination with the VISOR ELITE Pants. This jacket is the combination of designer looks and the highest quality fabrics available.