Our unique concept is the combination of exclusive designs made of exceptionally high-quality materials. We first select the best materials based on quality and functionality, and then we transform them into stunning, fashionable designs. Our professionally designed garments create an explosive impression. The combination of high fashion and highly functional, top-brand materials is an outstanding concept.

VISOR doesn’t believe that an attractive design is all you need. Compared to most of our competitors, VISOR designs its garments backwards. We believe that the functional aspects of our garments and the quality of the materials are the most important aspects, regardless of the financial costs. Therefore our intensive research and / results determine which materials we use for each item. The next challenge is to combine these materials to achieve the optimal relationship between performance, quality and comfort. Finally, our professional design team uses these engineering results to transform our selected materials into a stunning, fashionable design.

VISOR creates technical gear which is of a completely different level of quality compared to the normal ski wear sold in commercial stores. You don’t want to worry about how your gear will function in the weather. And now you don’t need to. VISOR ski wear keeps you comfortable in every weather condition on any slope. We don’t work with excuses; neither should you!